Advice for Working Moms on Their First Day Back to Work!

(Disclaimer:  The views in this blogpost are our personal views and do not reflect the views of our institutions. This does not substitute medical advice. Please be evaluated by a physician as necessary.)

  1. You’re doing your best, even though you may not feel it, you are!
  2. Fed is best, whether you breastfeed or formula feed. Do what works best for you, especially in those first few weeks back to work. A dip in supply is expected and don’t let the stress of ounces produced consume your mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Hydrate! Whether you’re pumping or not, self-care should be a priority in those stressful weeks back to work. Happy Mom, Happy Baby!
  4. You may not feel that you’re enough for everybody but you are everything to your child! When faced with stressful situations, remember that your baby at home loves you and you are their everything!
  5. Your child will appreciate this one day! They will look back and see the strong hard working resilient momma that worked to make the world a better place!