Restorative Sleep: It Hurts to Lose Sleep The Hurt By The Female Pain Docs

In this episode, Dr. K and Dr. P focus on how sleep affects pain. They discuss sleep patterns, what is good sleep versus bad sleep, and even how our genetics and hormones affect sleep. They end the episode with a discussion on the factors that we can control in our lives, our lifestyle, and how lifestyle modifications to improve sleep can improve pain.
  1. Restorative Sleep: It Hurts to Lose Sleep
  2. Minding Your Migraine: Lifestyle Modifications for Migraines
  3. TMJ Dysfunction: A Real Pain In My Jaw
  4. Transgender People and Pain: A Painful Truth
  5. Psychology of Pain: Is It All In My Head?
  6. Hormones: Whats Sex Got to Do With It?
  7. Dr. K's Story: Social Stigma and the South Asian Community
  8. Dr. P's Birth Story: Pregnancy, Post-Partum and Pandemic Life!
  9. Sexual Dysfunction: It’s Time to Speak Up
  10. Pain During Pregnancy: Everything Hurts!

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